Pre/Post Testimonials

Lindsay’s pre-natal classes were exactly what I needed during my pregnancy! They were the perfect mix of cardio, yoga, and stretching to keep me active and to prepare me for childbirth.  I also loved getting to know all the girls in my class and sharing pregnancy stories each week! Lindsay is an awesome instructor and made it a fun class for everybody in each stage of pregnancy.

Lauren P.

My experience at Longevity and the Pre-Natal workshop kept me sane during my pregnancy! I am still new to the Charleston area, so this class not only kept me fit but I was able to make some great friends in the same situation as me. Longevity’s facility is second to none and really provided me a calm and soothing environment amidst my crazy life. I would highly recommend both the prenatal workshop and Longevity to anyone who asked!

Jenn W.

The prenatal workshop has been absolutely wonderful for me during my pregnancy. The workouts are structured with the perfect combination of stretching and cardio and Lindsay is amazing at walking you through each step along the way. I love the sense of community and I look forward to class each week!

Sarah P.

Working with Lindsay post baby was a great way for me to get back into shape after having my son. She was sensitive to my post baby body while also challenging me and working to get my endurance back. I will definitely be taking her prenatal & postnatal classes throughout my next pregnancy!

Nicole H.

I would highly recommend going to Longevity Fitness if you are an expecting mama! I started going when I was 12 weeks pregnant and it was an amazing place to get a good work out, as well as gain knowledge about pregnancy and birth from the instructor and other women in the class. I had a rough pregnancy , but going to the prenatal fitness class helped me relax and keep baby and me healthy!

Jessie L.

I was overwhelmed by the idea of working out during my pregnancy. I felt like I didn’t know what was safe to continue doing or what to focus on. I felt more confident working out with Lindsay at Longevity because she is specifically trained in pre-natal care and builds strength and flexibility workouts that are safe throughout pregnancy. Lindsay’s classes helped me feel strong and motivated through the big changes I was experiencing in my body. I also met other women who were pregnant and our workouts became a time each week where could connect about the changes we were experiencing. Working out with Lindsay was the best thing I did for myself during my pregnancy.

Ashely T.