Longevity Fitness Charleston offerings:
163 Rutledge Avenue, Penthouse
Charleston, SC 29401


1. Prenatal Mind & Body Series Classes
Whether you are new to working out, or are an experienced fitness buff, these all levels 75 Minute prenatal classes will safely promote and support a healthy pregnancy by:

  • Strengthening the body to reduce pregnancy pains, encouraging optimal weight gain, and preparing for labor and delivery
  • Reducing stress & anxiety through yoga, meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Enhancing energy levels while improving digestion, and relieving constipation
  • Creating a community environment with like-minded mommas

6 Week Sessions: May 16th – June 20th

5:30pm – 6:45pm

Cost – $210

*Space is limited and registration is closed at 6 ladies*

2. Postpartum Mind & Body Private Packages
55 (well deserved) minutes a week devoted to safely and effectively getting back to your desired fitness level. Penthouse Personal Training with top notch amenities(spa showers, tea and snacks, lavender towels, etc)

  • Core/Diastases recovery and strengthening to safely come back to exercise
  • Yogic breath work and movement to clear and recharge the mind, while increasing energy levels
  • Fully strengthen the body, paying close attention to the newly needed “mom” muscles
  • Slowly condition the heart with gentle intervals and circuit training for optimal caloric burn

3 Pack Private – $210($70/session)
3 Pack Duo – $145($48/session/person)

Longevity Fitness Charleston
163 Rutledge Avenue – The Penthouse
Charleston, SC 29403


In Home Personal Training:
Customized Personal training and/or Yoga in the comfort of your own home(equipment provided, and limited space needed). Each 60 minute session will be customized to your current trimester, fitness level, and desired outcome. 
Single Session – $65
5 Session Pack – $300($60/session)
10 Session Pack – $550($55/session)

“On the Go” Do it Yourself Workouts:
This Customized Pre or Post Natal workout plan is perfect for those that want to exercise on their own, when they want! This “on the go” package will include a 30 minute phone consultation, a customized workout plan including 3 (30 minute) unique workouts to be utilized during the week, and a 30 minute in home(or FaceTime) demonstration of those exercises. Limited space and equipment needed to complete the exercises.  Let us create a safe and effective workout plan that fits your lifestyle and is mobile!
$200 One time fee

Sweatin’ Stroller Series:
Gather with like-minded mommas for a stroller-based full body circuit workout in the Park!
Location: Hampton Park, Mary Murray Drive, Downtown Charleston, 29403
Days: Pop Up Saturdays
Next Workout: APRIL 28th!!
Time: 9:00am – 9:45am
Cost: Donation Based
*Please bring your babes in stroller, water, some type of yoga/workout mat and possibly a mesh stroller net for the bugs..I’ll bring the natural bug spray 🙂
*Meet at the drinking water fountain at the North side of the park by the parking lot

Private Prenatal Pool Workout
**The Pool Is Open for Business!**
Does getting a gentle and safe prenatal based pool workout sound amazing? Why yes, yes, it does!  Join me in my in-home(downtown Wagener Terrace) heated/cooled saltwater pool for 55 minutes of gentle stretching, exercise and relaxation.  Followed by cucumber water on the deck. You deserve it!
Single Session: $60
3 Session Pack – $165($55/session)
5 Session Pack – $150($50/session)